Young Filmmakers Camp

Film Aertěk

The aim of the film camp is to let children
discover all the specifics of the film in a fun and educational way and also
let them make their own movie under expert supervision. This enables them to
understand the language of film most effectively. Understanding the film
language is the main aim of the camp. - Aertěk is focused on unorganized youth
and it attempts to show them a different perspective on the audiovisual medium.
The film camp lets the children stay outdoors, it develops their creativity,
and lets them perceive and understand the complicated structure of audiovisual


Billboard-animation • program "what is
film" lead by the instructors • regular film screenings with introductions
and discussions after screenings • workshop for cameramen and actors • film
editing workshop • photography workshop • postproduction • creating film
posters • technology workshop • scriptwriting workshop • creating an animated
movie • guests from various fields of the movie industry.

These activities build up to the final activity
- shooting the movie. All the movies created in Aertěk are shown in Kino Aero.

How do we shoot a movie

​Each film crew consists of 6 to 8 children, instructor, and assistant. The children agree on a story they want to make. Then they create a technical screenplay, choose locations, agree on roles in the film and within the crew (who will be the director, cameraman, sound master, clapperboard, etc.) They also have to create or find props. Shooting lasts three days, and the duration of the movie is limited by 5 minutes. After the movie is filmed, there are three days for postproduction (editing,
post-synchronization, creating posters, etc.).

Instructors and children try to make clever films - we do not want to make films that are only funny. We want to create films that are meaningful and fun is an added value.

What do we film?

​​1. Main films created under instructors' supervision, children work in crews of 6 - 8 members

2. Children's films created by children without instructors' supervision

3. Documentaries, representative short movies displaying what has happened in Aertěk each year

4. Other films that were created during workshops, video clips, short skits, etc.

Animation Aertěk 
Animation Aertěk focuses on creative combining
of film and visual arts, which are naturally connected in classical animation.
The emphasis is put on searching a suitable artistic expression for the
selected topic and its realization through various traditional or more
experimental animation techniques.


introductory pixel-game; introduction to animation techniques;
cutout animation, cartoon and puppet film; experimental practice and material
animation; selected topics from the history of animation; screening of
significant films and their analysis; puppet workshop; art workshop;
photography workshop; screenwriting workshop; film professions in animated
films; optical illusions, first moving pictures; illustrations; animation in
teams; postproduction; sound workshop; guests from the field of film animation;
final animated movie and premiere in Kino Aero; traditional camp activities -
open-air-cinema, trips, games, spending time outdoors


Aertěk PLUS is for young people between 13.5 and 16 years. We know that for many young people movies are very close to their hearts. We also realize that this age group is very specific and that is why we have special rules established. When compared to other camps, onyl 23 children can participate in this one and they are accepted based on personal interviews.

Aertěk PLUS requires a lot: courage and determination to start creating, coming up with original ideas, being confident to take up the role of the movie director or actor - being able to shoot a movie, edit it or take care of its sound. This camp is for the oldest children who are creative and have previous experience with making short films - either from previous Aertěks or somewhere else - and want to improve.

Aertěk PLUS is not good for those who want to relax or do mischief, for those who want to be entertained passively, and for those who do not like team activities. These children would be very unhappy with us and the camp would not make sense.

The camp is based on team work and it is based on film competitions - making short films on a certain topic or under certain conditions (genre, protagonist, location) within time limits. Children are divided to teams of 5 - 6 and they are supervised by one adult (instructor/university students studying film, photography, design, architecture, etc.), who is the group's advisor and consultant. Children learn
during filming and during control screenings. Please note that sometimes it is
necessary that children finish their projects and work also at night - being
tired is part of the program in Aertěk PLUS.

There are also other activities that children
will get to do - there are regular screenings of movies with introductions and
then discussions, there is a dance, bonfire, (not only) morning exercise and

During the final projection of movies, the audience in Kino Aero decides, which film is the best PLUS film. The winning film then becomes the official short filmed played before big movies in Aero.


Registration of candidates

Every candidate should first go through this web page (so they know what to expect) and only then contact the organizer and register.

​If you are really interested in applying, contact Mirek Velš at

Please say:

1. which camp you are interested in

3. child's name and age

4. contact information of the child's parent or
guardian (telephone and e-mail)

Request for an application

After registration you will receive a request
for an application to a film camp. Filling it in on time (within 7 days of
receiving it) is essential for obtaining the application to Aertěk. 

The first part of the request contains basic personal information of the child and parents and a statement of medical fitness.

The second part is for the applying child. We want children to write a short motivation letter describing why they want to attend the film camp, to answer several questions on their interests, and an example of their writing (short story / an idea for a screenplay).

Application / payment

The application, which is at the same time a
contract, contains contractual agreements relating to participation in the film
camp, and is also a confirmation of payment of the camp fee.

After we receive your completed request, we will contact you within seven days and send you the final application, or ask you to provide further documents (more examples of child's writing). After receiving the application, you have ten days to fill it in and send it back together with the payment (when failing to meet the deadline, your request and application will be cancelled).

​In the last phase, you will receive the confirmation stating that your child will attend the film camp (any you can start looking forward to the summer while we're looking forward to meeting you).


​​You will receive further information
regarding the departure and the list of things the children should have with
them about a month prior to the departure. 

What decides about your child's participation in Aertěk?

Respecting the 10 day limits for sending the request and application are essential.

For each Aertěk, we choose about half of the children who have been to Aertěk before and half the children who are new. We also pay attention to the ratio between the boys and girls.


Chata Kynast


11 rooms with overall capacity of 38 beds (6
four-bed rooms, one two-bed room, 4 three-bed rooms). New restrooms, dining
room, classroom, big hall, open space for physical activities, fire pit.


Food is being prepared by our experienced cooks
(4x per day). The meals are always fresh, made from quality ingredients. Good
food is one of the priorities of the camp.

Health and safety

There is always a technical supervision team, and an experienced paramedic and their team.

Mirek Velš


Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, Prague 3 | 130 00



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